Closest Beer

An android application that finds the closest venue for social drinking. Displays the venues as a list, and on a map. It can also show a detailed view of a selected venue and gives the option phone, view the venue's webpage or give directions to the venue (requires 3rd party app like google maps).
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BTC Total Widget

Android app that utilizes bidirectional graph data structures and second degree cryptocurrency exchange rates to calculate minimum potential dollar value of your diversified btc-e cryptocurrency exchange account.
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Liar's Dice Multiplayer

Liar's Dice Multiplayer supports a two-player version of the extremely popular game of Liar's Dice. Never again will you and your friend have trouble making a decision. Just bet, bump, roll, and see who wins! This app also simulates dice (including amazing sound effects). You can roll up to 5 dice. You can even gently shake your device to simulate rolling. It is fully customizable. You can select many different backgrounds and dice colors. It is a very beautiful app. It is one of the best Dice apps on Google Play.
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Simple File Transfer

This app gives you the ability to easily transfer files from phone to phone! Just select the files you wish to transfer, and then bump with another phone with this app running. No need to pair each other's phones or enter a ridiculous IP address. This app does all that automatically. It's just that simple.
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St Joseph's Primary School CMS Website

This is a website that I developed with a friend for a primary school in Malvern. The website has an online Content Management System (CMS) that allows the owner/manager of the website to add new pages and edit existing pages on their website with ease. It allows a dynamic website with an interface that is usable by users that have no background knowledge in web development or web administration.